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Favorite Podcasts

A carefully curated collection of podcasts for your listening and viewing pleasure.  This is content that is specifically aligned to Agile HR and Talent Acquisition ways of working.


Agile Coaches' Corner

Dan Nueman

Agile Coaches' Corner shares practical concepts in an approachable way.


Strivin and Thrivin

Laura Johnson

Strivin is about you. We care about your personal growth not your job or your title. We’re here to help you develop and succeed in whatever you choose to do.


Best Hire Ever

Kris Dunn

Best Hire Ever is KD’s recruiting podcast that explores a simple truth – there’s nothing that drives success at your company like making a great hire.


Talent Acquisition Leaders

Ryan Dull

On the Talent Acquisition Leaders Podcast, your host Ryan Dull of SageMark HR interviews today’s industry leaders in talent acquisition to discuss challenges, best practices, and what the future holds.


Redefining HR

Lars Schmidt

Redefining HR is a podcast exploring the leading edge of all things talent - HR, people operations, recruiting, etc.