At 360 AgileTalent, we are passionate about helping your team with recruiting for critical skills, everyday capacity hiring, and your interim contract needs.  With over 20 years of recruiting experience, our advisors can help augment your recruiting team's talent during any type of capacity or talent shortage. 

Our approach:

  • We begin with a deep understanding of your company, your active and passive talent needs, culture, and success profile with you

  • We search the 360 AgileTalent Exchange.  Chances are we already know the person you want to hire and if we don't, we start recruiting. 

  • We conduct all recruiting in two-week sprints alongside your team to produce guaranteed increments of value-related work product in the form of candidates, interviews, and hires.  

  • We find, assess, and present talent to you in the defined timeframe and guarantee our work to meet the agreed-upon timelines.  

Pricing Model:

  • On-Demand Contingent: 360 AgileTalent will provide talent on demand for all of your Agile, Scrum, Product, and Development needs.  Each consultant's rate is guaranteed for 12 months from the start of the project.

  • Direct Hire Contingent: 360 AgileTalent will conduct contingent searches based on high-demand, fast-moving needs that drive business value.  Our fee is fixed and based on three skill levels (Early Career Talent, Experienced Talent, and Speciality Talent).  Full fees are earned once a candidate has commenced employment with your firm.

  • Direct Hire Contained: 360 AgileTalent will exclusively work with your firm on a dedicated search and leverage a retainer to begin work associated with a search outside of our contingent search parameters. Full fees are earned once a candidate has commenced employment with your firm.

Contact us for more information today about how 360 AgileTalent can help you with your hiring needs today.