Agile Coaching

A person, team, or company does not DO agile, but rather, they ARE agile.

Organizations going through any type of Agile Transformation need coaches to help their teams learn what it means to be Agile.  An Agile Coach provides the energy and focus to drive transformation, bring people along in the journey and help team members adapt to change in a safe and productive environment.   Consultants at 360 AgileTalent are IC Certified Agile Coaches having earned an IC-ACC Coaching Certificate and bring at least five years of enterprise-level Agile Coaching experience to the firm.  

Benefits of an Agile Coach:

  • An outside-in approach to Transformation

  • Industry knowledge and deep coaching expertise

  • New perspectives and solution-oriented coaching towards change initiatives

  • Commitment to living and teaching key agile principles to others

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